Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 23, 1950


Gene Martin, Quitman, Texas

There is an old fable about a dog who boasted of his ability as a runner. One day he gave chase to a rabbit, but failed to catch said rabbit. The other dogs made all manner of fun of him. He retorted, "Remember, that rabbit was running for his life; I was running only for the fun of chasing him. That makes a difference, you know." Yes indeed, it does make a difference. The result depends upon the motive. Success in anything depends upon the motive, and especially is this true of the race of life as a Christian. The motive at heart which prompts obedience to God's commands will determine our acceptability with God. True, we are all running the race of life, but HOW and WHY are we running? Have we the proper motive in God's sight? I fear that many church members are running "just for the fun of it" with no real motive at heart. Lack of a motive is a basic factor in the gross negligence and indifference of Christians in many localities. This lack of motive makes possible the growth of heresy and hobby, and the cause of Christ suffers. Some preachers will preach only where they better their "standing in the brotherhood" and fatten their pocket-books. Some editors publish their periodicals from the same base motive. Some local churches plan their programs from the "economical" standpoint. Promotional schemes seem to be the order-of-the-day for too many of us. Far too many have relegated the true mission of the church to the background, or else have developed some other agency to do the work of the church. Brethren, let us put first things first; from honest motives let us do scriptural things in scriptural ways. Let us be busy about the Father's business in the way and manner He has designed for us. As we are moved by a pure heart cleansed by faith as it comes from God's word, let us glorify God and edify ourselves in word and deed to the end that eternal salvation may be ours. With this motive to prompt our every endeavor we shall not fail.