Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 4, 1949

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Beam, Brewer, and Pepperdine College Maybe our funny-bone is slightly out of joint, but personally we've been getting quite a bit of fun out of that "Beam-Brewer" debate —which never happened. As nearly as we can figure out what happened it seems that the debate (scheduled for last March) was finally cancelled because some of the Pepperdine college fellows convinced each of the would-be debaters that his prospective opponent was in the same general moral category as Scarface Al Capone and Adolph Hitler. To debate with such a character would naturally be unthinkable! So the Los Angeles debate was called off—and in its stead they are having a debate via pamphlet and the Gospel debate via pamphlet and the Gospel Advocate! Consistency may be a jewel, but in this case it sure looks to us like some of her diamonds are made of paste.

A real "union" church At Grandfalls, Texas, a church bulletin advertises the "Union Church" of Grandfalls, listing "Methodist, Presbyterian, and Christian" churches as participants. This board is a pointed illustration of how tenaciously some denominations cling to their party names long after they have surrendered the distinctive doctrines for which those names once stood.

Regional Papers

We rejoice to see a number of brethren over the country starting gospel papers designed particularly for their own communities. We regularly receive copies of The Gospel Defender edited by Jack Hardcastle of Long Beach, California; The Gospel Advertiser published by Chas. An Holt, Jr., of Oak Ridge, Tenn.; The Christian Voice designed to meet the needs of the Louisiana and east Texas area, and edited by Gussie Lambert of Shreveport, Louisiana; and Fellowship News published from Mentone, Indiana, by Lloyd A. Boyll and M. F. Cottrell in the special task of promoting unity and good will among the congregations in Indiana and adjacent states. There are a number of other such papers published, but these four are of fairly recent origin and are representative of four great territories. We wish for them all a fine reception in their respective fields.


For The Cocktail Drinkers

Now comes to us Jack Dunn, with another bit of fun; setting forth in witty rhymes, his neat comment on our times. Here it is:

When Mary is reeking with bourbon, She wants to be petted and purred on;

She thinks she's rosettish, Exquisite, coquettish A fancy as yet unconcurred on.


Fifty-five consecutive meetings W. A. Cameron of St. Petersburg, Florida, has held fifty-five consecutive meetings at the church in Cherry Sink community in Florida. Can anybody beat that record for meetings at one church?



"You are getting out a good paper. Keep it up."

—Thos. H. Burton, Hartsville, Tenn.


"We are 100% for you. Long may you survive to "speak the truth in love... False teachers and teaching must be condemned. "Cry aloud; spare not." (Isa. 58:1)

—P. C. Crews, Pomona, California


"I hope to have some more material to you shortly. I have had so many personal problems and other kinds on my mind lately it is hard to settle down to writing. John's body is in the U.S.A. and will be sent down shortly for reburial. You may have to bear with me until I get settled down."

—Cled Wallace, Weatherford, Texas


"The 'Number One Church of Christ' (near Gallatin, Tennessee) is a loyal and faithful New Testament church. I assume the name is taken from Lock No. 1 on the Cumberland River... I read with interest Bro. Adams' discussion of the word 'fornication'. It is gratifying to read this exhaustive and scholarly treatment."

—Earle H. West, Nashville, Tenn.


"I believe more falsehoods have been told about this congregation (Oak Cliff) than any other I have ever known. I long for the time when these lying slanders against this congregation will not be repeated nor listened to by men who love the truth. I am enjoying the paper. The latest issue was, in my opinion, the best. This boy (Jack Dunn) from Arizona is good."

—W. B. Andrews, Dallas, Texas


Honor to whom honor is due Remember our comment recently on this page concerning the Kentucky preacher who said Paul's charge to the Ephesian elders to "take heed" to the flock meant the elders were to "heed" what the flock told them to do? We said this able scholar had received his "learning" at Pepperdine college. We now are informed no one single college is due the honor for having educated this prodigy. Both David Lipscomb College and Harding College had him enrolled before he ever went to Pepperdine. We meant no discredit to these worthy institutions! We salute the three of them in having turned forth from their hallowed halls such a profound scholar. Pepperdine must share with her two sister schools the honor.


Evangelistic issues Next week again we bring you our monthly evangelistic issue. All articles in that issue are written for the special needs and problems of the non-Christian. It will be a worthy effort to hand this evangelistic issue each month to some friend who is not a Christian.


Vacation time—or had you noticed?

"Girls when they went out to swim.

Once dressed like Mother Hubbard.

Now they have a bolder whim;

They dress more like her cupboard." —Selected


New subscriptions We feel grateful indeed for the steady stream of new subscriptions that continues to come our way. We believe the Gospel Guardian has a definite place to fill; and we are happy that so many of our subscribers share that feeling enough that they are going out and getting others to subscribe. Thanks!